NHS Counter Fraud Services (CFS)

Thank you for sharing your suspicion with NHS Counter Fraud Services (CFS).   Stopping fraud against the NHS is the right thing to do. The service that the NHS provides really benefits when we stop those who steal the money we need for the health and social care of the people in our communities.

Tell us as much as possible about the suspicious circumstances. We will protect your information and not share with others anything which could identify you, unless required to by law. You can choose to keep in contact with CFS through a secure, anonymous and private messenger service enabling us to ask more about your suspicion. If you have used this service before, you can login using your previous username, via the link above. Check your junk email box for messages from CFS.
You can print a copy before clicking the submit button. A "Thank You" message should appear. If you have a problem completing this form, call the fraud hotline on 08000 15 16 28.

Two-way information

At the bottom of this form you can opt-in to enable us to keep in contact with you, whilst you remain completely anonymous. This enables us to ask further questions about the information you have provided. Your information could be vital, and may make a real difference.

Logging back in is easy, just use the Anonymous Login button at the top of this page, or any page on the Crimestoppers website.