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Report Doping in Sport is a confidential hotline to support the fight against doping in sport. We provide a service to athletes, support personnel and concerned family or friends to pass on information to UK Anti-Doping about the use, supply or trafficking of doping substances in sport.

You can raise a concern either by calling the hotline on 0800 032 2332 or completing this online form below.

The hotline is hosted by Crimestoppers and you are guaranteed anonymity. All information provided, no matter how small or insignificant will be researched; it could be the missing piece of the puzzle allowing UK Anti-Doping to take action.

Please play your part in protecting sport by giving as much detail as you can to allow UK Anti-Doping to make the best use of it.

You can read the substances on the World Anti-Doping Code's prohibited list here: https://wada-main-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/resources/files/wada-2016-prohibited-list-en.pdf

REMEMBER: You can keep in contact with us by ticking the box below. This helps us if we need to clarify any information that you gave. You still remain anonymous as our system cannot record or trace your IP address.

If you select Yes, we'll help you create an Anonymous Login so you can come back and check if we need more information